Vocabulary Building - Ultimate Need for Language Proficiency

I want to share my experience of my GRE and TOEFL exam. The first
thing I had to do was vocabulary building. It is a long term job and
it do require patiences.Basically I would discuss about the resources
and techniques that I found effective for myself.

Resources :
#Oxford English Dictionary
- We are not that fool to start memorising the whole dictionary. But
matter is that look up the words in case. And more eventually you
will find it effective when you learn the english word meaning with
easier synonyms and in terms of english sentences. I mean knowing the
use of words would benefit you more than only knowing the mare
meaning of words.
Please leave your habit of using A.T. Dev or Bangla Academy
Dictionary for bengali meaning. Use English to English Dictionary

#Word Treasure
-By: Deb Kumar Chatterjee
If you are very novice then I would suggest this book with very
common and need to know for all aspect type 4000 words. It would help
you to avoid fumbling for words if you try english speaking or

#Word Smart -part I & part II
[Both parts are combined into the same book]
- By Princeton Review
Its a ultimate weapon for TOEFL/IELTS/GRE Exam with most common types
of words(1500+) that you would face during these tests.

#Barrons GRE
- If you are a GRE examinee or serious learner:
If you have completed the common words from Word Smart then go for
Barrons GRE 3500 Master Word List. It has more or less 3000+ tough
words and many of those are even uncommon to the native english

How to use this resource?
#Mind Setup:
Be passionate for learning words cause it is going to make you smart
in each case. Be determined and don't leave the habit of learning at
regular basis.

Revising the new words is more important than learning cluster of
words voraciously. If you go too hurry, the words would fly away at
the end of the day. Revise the previous words before you learn new

#Number of words:
Each day learn 10-15 words if you have work loads. If you have ample
time then speed up and go for 25-30 words. But be sure to revise the
words that you already learned before learning the new words that you
have in queue.


#Learning words are boring but don't loose your confidence. You can
do it but its a matter of time.

#If you are a GRE examinee do not start with Barrons as it represents
the meaning of tough words with tougher synonyms. As in case of start
up, make Word Smart as you first Aid tool for word learning
process.WORD SMART is really a smart book. I am pretty sure that you
would find it helpful for you.

Best luck with the voucabulary buliding process.

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