How you can get scholarship?

My dear KUETINS many of you (my friends, seniors and juniors) asked me about "scholarships/ funding" for higher studies. I was waiting for a mail from my teachers/ seniors providing this topics. Some of them wrote to built up confidence (I appreciate it). But nobody wrote mail how to get scholarships. I wrote here that I did to search scholarships(from my own point of view). Don't think that scholarships are reserved only for teachers or only for students holding Excellent CGPA, or only for BUET students. Foreigners don't know which one is good university in Bangladesh. If you can show good performance KUET will be best to him/her.
 You may Follow the steps:
      1. Search universities web site- 

          as for example
          for japan:     click on the link- and for Japan select English version (some universities have no English version leave it and try for  next university)
                   for canada/ USA/ UK/ Australia: -  in google  type  -  "canadian  / USA/ UK/ Australian universities" .
2. You will see a list of universities. Click first one-  you will  enter  that university web page.
3.  Click on Departments/ Faculties- you will see the list of departments/ Faculties.
4. Click on department/ faculty same as your department/ which department you are looking for.
5. Click Faculty staff/ teachers- you will find a list of teachers with their contact informations.
6 Copy the email addresses one by one and paste on your compose page (on your own mail) and write message(you may save/ make draft a message and send same message to everyone).
7. If you fail to find out contact address go to search option and type "teachers of  the department(me/eee/cse...) "
7. Try for that professors where there is no Bangladeshi (honestly don't misunderstand me, you will see it in future why I wrote it. Forgive me for any mistakes and please don't reply any comments about it).

What you have to write on message? There is no specific formality writing to the professors. I mentioned what I did personally.
      In subject: You may write: "from bangladesh",  "want to be a member of your research team" or any things that you think best.
      On mail  : Start with My dear sir/ Dr / Sensie (only for Japaniese) and then write about you i.e your name, country, name of your university including CGPA and current year of study. Then write I am strongly wish to be a researcher(you may include your undergraduate research topics) and please give me a chance to work with you. I am pleased about your research area.......... as much as you can write smartly to convince him. AT last don't forget to write "if you can manage any RA/ TA for me it will be better for me" and Thank you. You may attach your RESUME (be sure that you wrote it as international format).

I tried to write that you need. Forgive me if I hurt anyone/ any communities/ any institutes. I don't need any comments in fever/opposite me.  I will be happy  if you  don't reply this  message. 

GOOD LUCK to all KUETIANS. Pray for me please.
Best Regards
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Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B2K3.

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