If you plan, plan in advance for Higher Study

I have something to suggest for Higher Study Application procedure. I
hope it would help the current students and those who are intended to
apply soon.

I think the first thing for higher study is to be crazy to pursue
your dream for Higher Study. I mean vacillation would not help to
attain it.

If you plan, plan in advance. From third year you can decide. So be
hungry for grades and publication of your thesis.

GPA is a factor but publication is most important I think. You can
shorten the limitations of you grade through publication as KUET
students have very shorter range of grades in compare to that of
other universities. This sometimes deteriorate the mental strength to
decide for Higer Study. Some students even don't dare for higher
study for their poor grades though they are good students.

Arrange to appear at IELTS/TOEFL Exam before you complete your B. Sc.
and have passion for english. You can go for English in your leisure
time in KUET. Even for jobs English is sometimes more important than
your technical knowledge.

Decide in which field you would like to do your MS/PhD. Again choose
the countries you would like to go. Simple descending order you may
know USA, CANADA, AUS, Europe, Japan, Korea, ... so on.

Have a good practice to be in Internet for searching the
opportunities and be sure none is going to help you if you don't help
yourself. Look to the university sites.

For Example:

For a Graduate Study (MS/PhD)


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