Successful immigration process to Australia and Canada

I am not Permanent Resident/ Citizen in Canada but I know about it. Immigration in Canada is not so tough as we think from Bangladesh. Anyone who has pass point 67 must be eligible to apply for Immigration in Canada. You can find all the information from following website:
You can also tested yourself (what is total points) from following website:

Lots of BUET Alumni are in Canada but from KUET/BITK are very very few. My question is why? Are our certificates and their certificates different. Or they are graduate engineers and we are Diploma engineers?  Ask yourself  you will  get  answer.  Now a days  all  the  information  are available in  internet.  But  we  don't know  how  to  browse  it(it is really shameful).  Last  month (15th February)  I  sent  a mail to KUETians group about  "How you can get scholarship".  I expected that lots of KUETians (at least 30%) will try for higher study by themselves. But I got lots of mails asked me what are the addresses of my universities professors? Some guys directly ask me what is my supervisor's email? Its very shameful for us. We are engineers but we don't know how to use computers (I already gave all procedures in my mail). Nobody even Allah will not help you if you don't try by yourself.
So my suggestion(Although I am not fit for it because I am a very junior both in age and as a KUET Alumni) is expense your time in internet(by proper way). It is badly needed to develop us.
I write very quickly so may be lots of spelling and grammar  missing in my mail. Please ignore them.  If  KUETians  will  be little bit  motivated by my mail, i will be proud.
Good luck all KUETians. Thanks

Best Regards

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Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B2K3.

Tel: 1-416-979-5000 ext. 4520 (Office)
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