How can we increase KUET's image at Home and Abroad

Dear KUETians,
First of all I thank you all for your spontenious mailings on KUET's
image issue(Ranking). We found several problems of KUET where we need
to come out with some solutions without mare postings. Lets talk
about solutions and make those suggestions clear to proper
authorities of KUET.

How can we help KUET? #1 Teachers and Alumni
Teachers and Alumni have a great role on promoting their univerity.
BUET and Top Private universites in Bangladesh are very aware of it.
So far as I know seniors of these universities helps a lot to get a
good job. A very good example is IUT. They have fewer intake than
KUET. But IUT people are everywhere with very handsome salary in
Bangladesh. They may be good quality people but we KUETians are by no
means worse than them. The success of IUT graduates comes by the
chain relation of their seniors and juniors. They are blind to their
product. When we will be everywhere(We are already in but people know
much little of our potentials, We need to expose) then the rank would
automatically comes up.

How can we help KUET? #2 KUET Authority
The Public Relation Officer is not at all effective. Even KUET
authority don't like spending money to put news to National dailies
or dont like to construct a Professional World Class Website(I wrote
World Class). Why we should see our convocation news at 1.5" by 4"
column at newspapers? The few past couple of days we saw good amount
of news of KUET. But those are students' effort and some cases Hashem
sir's effort(One man cannot do everything & other senior faculty
members should come forward). Again we want press club and student
correspondents from KUET for news papers. We do good things but we
fails to expose us much in national levels.

How can we help KUET? #3 Present KUET Students
Help yourself brother. None is going to help you if you donot help
yourself. We KUET students are talent no doubt but we are not that
much smart to sell our talents in job market(Exceptions cannot be
examples). I mean we need to work on English, management skills and
have to dream large. You know the job market is small. So it is too
competetive and only merit cannot guarantee you a good job. Smartness
is really important. Its not so bad if you practice English at your
leisure time. Participate co-curricular activities at campus.
Obviously make interactions to your seniors and share with their
practical experiences of job life or for higher study so that you can
prepare in advance.

Plan well ahead, what do you want? A good job at home or a Higher
study in abroad. But be sure to ask yourself why you want it? Do you
need information about anything? I assure you that every single
teacher and senior will help you. But please ask us. How can we know
that you need this information if you don't ask.

How can I help KUET?
I am not a giant figure. I can only help the juniors or someone who
is planning for higher study as I have been involved with this
procedure for last couple of months and got scholarship to US
Universities for my PhD. Please feel free to mail
me[mailtoraihan@...] for information regarding Higher Study
Prepartion. If I know the query, I must reply you back.

My Dream:
I dream that cent persent KUET graduates will get top class job
without much delay after their graduation or at least 25% of KUET
students will go for higher study. Best luck KUETians.

**Help us to Help you**

Raihan Masud
Alumni, KUET
Stamford University

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