Study in USA

Yes GPA is factor but in US there is more or less 1500 notable
universities. So I hope it won't be much problem if you look for some
universities ranked after 100.

Please see for US Univ Listings[1500+]:

If you are applying for MS then it might be a problem to manage a
fund. You can also apply for direct PhD without having a MS as I did
because of high funding opportunity in direct PhD.But admission to
PhD is tough but funding is easy where as admit to MS is easy but
funding is tough :)

If fund is not a problem for you then GPA might not be a problem as
Universities[mediocre] give much priority to applicants who fund

And for sure GPA is not the only thing. You have an excellent GRE
score. Now try to reach around 100 in Toefl iBT. Try to focus your
undergrad thesis. If you have any publication then it would be easier
to overcome the GPA barrier.

And I completely agree with you that KUET students get less GPA than
they deserve. This is a vital cause of KUET students not applying for
higher study. Teachers[especially non departmental] can a bit
flexible to this matter. Poor gpa kills someone's ambition and some
places students cannot even apply for poor GPA. Even the top 25%
stuedents of each batch dont have 3.5 gpa in KUET. This is really
shocking. Hope this situation might change.

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