About higher study and immigration in Canada

My dear  KUETians, at first I express apologies if I heart anyone. If you see anything wrong from my mails then please ignore it(and mail to me) and take only which one is need/good for you.Now I want to share  about  higher study  and immigration in  Canada (The experiences that i have).

I divided my mail in 2 parts: (A) Set your goal,
                                              B.1 if your cgpa is more than 3.50
                                              B.2 if your cgpa is less than 3.50
Let us start:
(A) At First  you have to set  your  ambition/goal.  I  want to share  with you from my own  life.  When I  was  intermediate student my ambition was to be a very good doctor and to serve my poor villagers. But unfortunately (May be fortunately only Allah knows which one was best for us) I didn't get chance in any medical colleges(Also I was not a good student at all). So after admitting in  KUET  I  set my goal that I will be a teacher in KUET and after that I will go abroad for higher studies and will come back in Bangladesh. But after completing my 2nd year I realized that it is impossible for me to get in top 3 position in my batch(i.e. my cgpa was not so good). So I changed my path, I tried to expense time in internet(from our central lab). Sometimes I was facing very bad experiences but I tried and tried. Some of my friends(especially Raihan cse2k2) and teachers(especially Kazi Tayabul sir) motivated me. When I was in last semester I paid my attention completely on it(I resigned all of my tuitions that I had and at that time I was greatly motivated my Masud sir, ME deptt). And by the grace of Allah I got scholarship in my present university immediately after completing my BSc (in Fall'2007 semester). From my experience I wanna say 'you have to set your own goal depending upon your situations'. Because Nobody knows your conditions better than yourself as you know yourself.

  If your cgpa is more than 3.50 then my suggession is try for scholarship from 3rd year(if you are current student) or immediately from now(if you are KUET alumni). Another thing if you are a the teacher of KUET, My request is to go back KUET after completing your higher studies and get involves in research and published Journals as a KUETian teachers(this is the key factor  for university ranking. If KUETians teachers/students published Journals from out side of  KUET then it will not affect for the international rankings of KUET). So if you are teacher only you can upgrade KUET as a World class, we the KUET alumni can't do it. Because if I published 100(or more) of papers from Canada my present university will be benefited not KUET. So it's my request for our teachers(specially for junior teachers) to go back Bangladesh and continuing your research.

(B2) If your cgpa is less than 3.50 please try first to do a job in Bangladesh for at least 1 year(it is the minimum requirement to apply for immigration). Then apply for immigration immediately.  After  coming Canada  or  Australia you can easily do the MASc or PhD. Because the tuition fees for international students are 2.5 or 3 times more than the permanent resident/ citizen. So all the professors try to take the students who are the permanent residents/ citizen in Canada. The main reason behind this is to get university scholarship(separately from professor's fund) you need at least 3.4 or 3.5 cgpa(in the scale of 4.00) in undergraduate level. So the professor's has to pay for all the tuition  fees  and  other  expenses to the student. And most of the professors(except 10-20%)  don't like to take this extra things. Some of them are very direct.
       Another thing you can transfer your credit after coming here(most of BUET alumni whose cgpa is not good do it) . You can transfer only those courses in which you had good marks. Also in North America  job vacancies are more  for  undergraduates (BSc level) than Graduates(MASc, M ENG, PhD) students.

Lots of BUET alumni are now established in north America (that I see in my 7 months experience here) . But very very few from KUETians are here. Most of us don't have proper ideas/informations about it.

I think, I all ready gave answers to my brothers(who mailed to me).

Good luck to all KUETians. Pray for me please.

[attention please: If you have any questions please mail to me directly(not via KUETians group). Because we have to remember that at least thousands of peoples see our messages. Sometimes personally I feel uneasy when I see unrelated(just for fun or personal mails) messages in our group. And our goal is to motivated KUETians not to express myself. Another thing you can send me email with your comments directly to me. I never mind it. If anyone don't commend on my mails then how can I understand if anyone see my mail or not and which one is bad or good side of me(Last mail I said no comment but not applicable for this mail). I wanna learn from you. Sometimes I didn't reply because I read all the mails and most of them I forget to reply. But if I see any emergency mail then I replied that one(not only hi / hello). Forgive me if you were not replied by me.

Best Regards

Md. Abdur Rahman
ME 2K2

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