I am here to help those who wants to give IELTS or GRE or TOFEL exam. i think it is very difficult to build the skill in english by direclty going through vocabulary. if u go through an article then it is much easy to handle all the unknown words. the following web address will be helpful to those person.

This site have few articles which one are the writting or reading articles in recent IELTS exam.

TOEFL is only available in iBT format i.e. Internet Based Test.

Sections :

Reading :
Long Format : Five Passages
[3 out of 5 should be evaluated but have to
answer all five]
Short Format: Three Passages
Each Passage has 12-14 MCQ(with 1/2 exceptions)
20 minutes for reading each Passage(100+ lines long)ans ans
12-14 questions

Tips: Read Daily Star Weekends, Online versions of Wall
Street Journals, New York Times and articles from ALDAILY.COM
be used to with american literatures(May read Novels from
Sidney Sheldon)

Short Format: Six lectures+converstions
Long Format: Nine lectures+converstions
Have to ans. 5-6 MCQ from each lecture or conversation
Time: 10 Minutes for each lecture/conversation

Tips: Be sure to understand American Accent
Listen CNN & CNN radio Podcasts @ Internet
Can download several audio lectures on different subjects
from Internet like
Watch English muviz without subtitles

Speaking :
This is real tough is you don't practice much
2+4 Speaking tasks
You have to speak within 45-60 seconds for each task like
one I can recall from my test : Most memorable event in my
life(in 45 seconds)
Tips: Don't worry about time if you practice you would
wonder that you have some time left after you finish out of
this 45 seconds!!!
Practice with your friends as much as you can and do speak
on any sort of topic. Its a good idea that when you speak,
speak in english when you are intended to take the TOEFL
Before you speak listen a lot. It would help you to capture
the style of speaking. For example, Instead of "I will eat
rice" use "I will have rice"

Writing :
2 Writing Task [20+30 minutues]
Tips: Read a lot before you write to learn the writing style

Each part contains 30 Marks total exam is out of 120.
Most schools(universities) ask for 80+

Preparation Materials:

Barrons TOEFL iBT(12th Edition)
Official Guide for TOEFL iBT(ETS)

Note: TOEFL is not that hard and time consuming exam like GRE/GMAT.
I hope with a devoted practice of two weeks you can do well. I did it
with 4 days after my GRE Exam and scored 89.

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