GRE math test - some suggestions2

As Raihan covered almost everything, I would like to add few words about GRE as I have just finished GRE two weeks before.

I have finished up with 1270 on GRE (Verbal 510 and Quants 760). I am really disappointment with my Quantitative score as I was expecting at least 790 in this section. But, anyway, I have finished it. So, I will suggest you all not to take math so easily, though the questions were really easy in the final exam excluding few. I had almost 10 questions common from dr.rajus gre. But, I felt some real difficulty on data interpretation questions. Because, the sites or forums usually don’t discuss more about data interpretation questions, so I really did not practice them more. Also, one normal distribution problem appears for which I did not have any answer. You can’t just solve them without preparing beforehand.

I had only 30 days to prepare for the GRE. So, I concentrate more on Verbal. And for verbal the original exam was really tough than the software’s available in the market. I was frequently scoring 550-630 in the model tests, though I was not good at all in reading comprehension. But the final exam was so tricky. Say, I knew all the antonym meanings appeared in the test, but it was really confusing to choose the best answer from the 5 available options. Among them 2-3 answer could be a certain choice. So, it took enough time for me and I saw that I need to answer 12 questions in the last 4 minutes. Then a long format reading comprehension appears. So, I just click them without really have looked at the questions. Like that I finished 6 RC questions in 1 min. So, I had 6 questions left and 3 minutes remaining. The rest were just antonyms, analogy and sentence completion and I was always good in those three sections.

So, based on my experience I will suggest the novice GRE learner to target reading comprehension first. Solve at least one RC problem every day and then analyze your difficulty and record them. I really did not get enough time as I am continuing my MS now (busy with experiments and other ideal works). But, scoring 500+ or even 600+ in verbal seems to me is not a tough deal if you put some time for GRE. And for math, prepare extensively and practice every kind of problems.

And finally schedule your exam on the last day of the month (and especially last day before the weekend). And solve all the questions of that month from dr rajus gre before your arrival at the test center. This is all about my personal experience, so please don’t make it ideal. 

Mohammad Marufuzzaman
Industrial Systems Engineering
University of Regina, Canada

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