1.Is IELTS computerized test as like GRE & TOEFL?
It is paper and pencil based.

2.How is test taken in reading, listening, writing and speaking sections?
There are 3 passages with 40 questions and time is 60 minutes including transfer to the answer sheet for reading. There are varieties of questions like MCQ, Fill in the blanks, True-false-not given, diagram labeling etc.
In speaking section there are three parts. First part- introducing with the examiner with some familiar question like name, profession, hoby liking etc. and last for 4-5 minutes. Second part- A Cue Card having a topic on which have to talk for at most 2 minutes but can have 1 minute time for preparation of what a candidate wants to talk and in third part- examiner will discuss with the candidate about the topic given in the cue card and lasts for 5-6 minutes.
In listening there are 4 sections with 40 questions and 30 minutes allowed time for exam excluding 10 minutes to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. There are varieties of questions in this part like fill in the blanks, MCQ, labeling diagram etc. There are some pause time between one section sections.
In writing section there are 2 tasks given, one with at least 150 words having allowed time 20 minutes and another with at least 250 words and lasts for 40 minutes. Task 1 is to describe the line graph, chart, figure etc. and in task 2 there is a topic given to describe whether I support this topic or not or what is my view about this.

3.How many time IELTS exam is taken in a year?
Actually it varies from place to place. In Khulna it occurs about 4 times per year and in Dhaka it is arranged about 3 times per month. One can also take exam in Rajshahi, Khulna, Chittagong, Comilla and Sylhet like Khulna.

4. And when?
Candidates can found the exam schedule in the

5. Do I need passport for registration of IELTS?
Yes, you need photocopy of first 6 pages of your passport during IELTS registration and also have to show the original passport at the time of examination.

Please find the below link for flash card of GRE words to use in cell phones.

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