GRE math test - some suggestions

I am guessing most people are familiar with common GRE math materials like
Barrons, Nova, Official GMAT (math part), Big Book, Kaplan,etc. I would like to
add some more.

Solve lengthy time consuming problems, a lot of geometric and basic statistics.
You can try maths and other things with . I am
assuming you have taken Power Prep tests(cd you got from ets GRE registration),
if not try those. I would recommend collecting cambridge gre CD which has lots
of lengthy maths. After all do not be disappointed if you feel you can not solve
some hard questions. Because there are questions in the world and none can solve
it. And you would not need to correct 28 questions to get close to 800 but
definitely make sure not to make mistakes with the first 10 or so questions (1
wrong answer might be ok) as this would select the score range for you. And
leave questions which would be hard and you guess you might not be able to solve
even if you give 3 minutes.

There is a saying like no questions with more than 2 minutes and do kind of
timing like
"first 10 within 15 -18 minutes, next 10 within 12 - 15 minutes, last 8 with 10
to 12 minutes".

If you do not follow timing, I bet you won't be able to finish math in time and
end up with low score. If you are stuck with hard questions, just leave it. You
should not be able to answer those questions probably even if you give 10
minutes on that. I guess leaving two or three questions would be fine and would
allow you to correct other questions on time.

Again if you do not score perfect 800 that is fine, 750+ is Ok. But if you
stress yourself too much to get 800 and miss one question during the test, you
might be nervous and do very bad in the test, even you can get less than 700. So
try your level best.

Remember GRE is also a kind of nerve/stress test. Drink a lot of water and keep
yourself cool. :)

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