Writing mails to professors for funding

Actually there is no exact format to write to any professor. However in my opinion you would focus your credentials to impress the
professor you are writing. First of all make sure you know your research area of interest. Then you look for the particular professors in that research area. Before writing mail, research on the research areas/ recent projects / published papers of that professor. You would definitely find all those in his/her website. Tell about your interest on those particular research topics. And describe what you know/learned or published(if any) on those area. What makes you interested in these areas/topics. Tell all other potentials (GPA, projects, thesis, etc) you have to do good research under his supervision. Make him/her confident that you would be able to do it if you are provided with the fund.

You might not get immediate reply or hear from every professor you write. But do not give up. Do not worry if you do not have publications or good cgpa or not doing thesis on the same field that you want to work on your graduate level of study. Sometimes you won't know how the scope would come but the most important thing is to have strong desire to pursue what you want. Write to several professors after you completely research on each of their area of interests/current research. Give ample time to write a mail.

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