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Take my salam. Hope u will guyz are fine. Here is a little share of little
knowledge about GRE. Today i will say only about verbal part. Only and only a
very enriched vocabulary will ensure good score. Most of the guyz says Barron's
enough but i would suggest for reading Barron's Plus with 4842 words as i know.
The fact is that how much does one need to cover all these words. This thing
varies from person to person..but i would suggest that rush through the words
within 60 days(only the Barron's not Barron's plus). As u will complete the
Barron's list initially, it will much easier to grab the rest of the words then.
But i would suggest not too take much time because our brain needs frequent
revision. Some flash card or vocabulary builder software are available in the
net or simply search through the links that i mailed previously. The fact is
that u have to know all the primary,secondary,tertiary....meanings.Its important
because u have to face the analogies, sentence completion, reading
comprehension...so there's left no alternate way.
For others all have some definite structure. Sentence Completion (Barron's
explanation); Analogy ( Nova's explanation); Reading Comprehension ( Nova's
explanation): all the explanation there & u need to read them carefully and
practice according to the instructions otherwise u will mess up everything. If u
wanna crack the Reading Comprehension part the best approach is to solve the
GMAT Official Guide questions coz they are harder and there are explanations for
all the answers. Don't go after solving a huge huge materials go for only around
500 questions for all the sections logically and according to the hints & tricks
given in those books otherwise u will be screwed up. Coz u have to build the
skill as u will get only similar pattern questions.
The basic algorithm as far i konw they (ETS) will surely grab ur level in around
15/16 questions. So u have to atleast correct most of them otherwise ur score
will be poor. I know so many Indians who did extremely well;they made their
preparation within 6/7 months.So don't be hesitated and don't go after the rumor
as High Scorers take a huge preparation for 2/3 years. Yeah only a few u will be
found but 95% of the all go for 6/7 months preparation and i am assuring it. The
most important fact that will furnish ur score is ur luck( Allah ki Rahmat). But
u have to work hard 1st coz Allah helps those who Helps themselves( saying of
Jim civil-2k4...). As u may actually u have to guess the answers in the xam and
there's always of chance 50-50. Coz the computer understands the right answer as
it comes from ur guess or memory or ur diligent work. But don't be hesitated.
I will keep mailing about it frequently till then bye.

M. Faisal Riyad

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