Study in Sweden FAQs

I am interested to study in Sweden. But my CGPA is just 3+ some. So I need some information about it. 

1. How can I study there without scholarship?
2. Which universities can I study there without scholarship? Their website address.
Ans(1&2): Simply you browse several master programmes and apply through www.studera. nu for Sweden. In any university you can study without scholarship but upon satisfying their requirements. My CGPA was like you but I have studied in Chalmers which is one of the top univ in Sweden and 50th ranked in the world for engineering and technology. Please visit www..studyinsweden. se for all univs web address.

3. How much do I need money initially for VISA process, plan trick, hand case & tuition fee?
Ans: For visa fee: around 10000 BDT, Plane ticket: around 60000 BDT(depends on airlines and taxes), no tuiton fee until 2010, around 5 lakh cash to complete 2 years Masters(if you dont get any odd job).

4. How much IELTS score do I need?
Ans: 6 is enough and 6.5 will be best because its competitive.

5. How much living cost there both for tuition fee & living?
Ans: I have answered it in 3.

6. Have any opportunity for part time job there? If yes, what type of jobs? How can I get?
Ans: Very little oppurtunity. Only target for big cities like Göteborg(Chalmers) , Stockholm(KTH) , Malmö(Malmö univ) and Uppsala(Uppsala univ) otherwise you will not get any job probably. Its very rare to get IT jobs like programming or system support(one out of 1000 u can say) but you can get job in indian/bd restaurants or McDonald's(Stockholm) or newspaper distribution company. Otherwise u need swedish language proficiency to get swedish rest. or bar jobs and so on.....
7. Can part time job be sufficient to cover up living cost & tuition fee? After that have I any hand in cash?
Ans: Most of the time no. If yes, you will be out of focus from your study. So, you have to decide whether you want to earn money only or earn money to subsidize your living to complete the Masters programme in due time.

8. Do I need to learn local language course?
Ans: If you learn language course it will be easy for you to search part-time jobs.

9. What is opportunity of residence for foreign student there? 
Ans: Still no chance for student there. But, if you get a tax payee job in any field and if your salary is above 13000 SEK then you can get 2 years work permit. after 4 years work permit you will get the PR in Sweden. That's the new rule imposed from Dec 2008.

10. What is condition of weather there?
Ans: Weather is very bad during winter and winter will last at least 7-8 months. In whole Europe it is same kind of weather but nordic countries' weather are the worst.

11. Do I need ICDL (international computer driving license) to buy computer / laptop there?
Ans: You can buy computer or laptop without any so called License(i dont have any idea about that sorry).

12. Have any opportunity to study there without IELTS? If yes, which universities? Their website address & quality.
 Ans: Yeah you can try in Chalmers because in 2008 lot of students got admission in different subjects without IELTS but its getting competitive now. So, I suggest you too score above 6 in IELTS to secure your place.

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