Study in Germany

German higher study is really good and standard than any other country.Mostve scholarship through DAAD they have not need to pay anything and they get 700 euro per month. important is that here all education is govt. and free with low semester fees.But those who ha

Now come to point of JOB,as it is  an engineering based country, u can get easily good job here.There are some students in Frankfurt and Berlin doing job in Sony Ericson or like such companies.
Most important news,now Germany is not so fanatic like before and it is possible to get permit lifetime if u ve a degree from German university and two year job experiences.
So,it will be so good if any body wants to come in German and i think he will have also good future in Bangladesh if he return with a good degree.
check the website http://www.daad. org/ everything is there. If you want more information then goto German  Embassy located in Gulshan. Check the website http://www.dhaka. Vertretung/ dhaka/en/ Startseite. html fill up the contact form and make an appointment.  I wish your good luck.
The age limit for our undergraduate programs has been abolished; eligibility for graduate programs is now defined in terms of time passed since the last academic degree or ABD status was earned. Applicants for graduate scholarships should have completed their Bachelor’s degrees no longer than six years before the application deadline. PhD candidates must have achieved ABD status no longer than four years before applying. Postdocs may apply until four years after completion of their PhD.
Actually Here Scholarship is hard without job experience.Because German education system is 5 year diplom so they need some more knowledge.But if u ve GRE or something then its better for applying.

Most of university here r govt. so there r basically no rating of university because all university r highly standard by State Govt.For GETTING ADMISSION CGPA is not so factor because they just observe a certain standard.

Part time jobs are available if u ve knowledge of JAVA programing then u can get a job of 500 to 600 easily.There r also a lot of job for those who know WEB DESIGN,SQL like that.

BUT if u ve no knowledge of these then u ve to work in shops or other but then u need GERMAN.

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