Study in Abroad - Dont loose confidence if GPA is low

My CGPA is very poor (2.95). Is it possible for me to get any scholarship?(i think it is a dream!!!).

As your GPA is below 3.0 so I think its better you first write to 
Professors and tell that you were very much much involved in reseach
and projects so you ignored little bit of you GPA. Thats why you
gpa is not better. But You strongly believe that you hold a very 
promising research credentials. By this way mail to as much professors
as you can. Try to convince a professor. Tell about everything you 
have done in your student life i.e. reseach, papers, projects, seminars, etc.
Hope you would soon get some responses. Prof. are gentleman and they
do reply to mails.

I want to complete my Masters degree in software Engineering and I completed my thesis on Software Engineering and we are writing a paper. i cant decide whether i should start study for IELTS or for GRE. please help me to take decision. 

If you want to apply to Norh America
especially USA then GRE is a 
must. And GRE and IELTS are different type exams and serve different
purpose. TOEFL & IELTS are same type and for English proficiency test.
And GRE is like an admission test for Noth america. For USA/CANADA 
GRE is needed with TOEFL & IELTS.

Which country will be suitable for me UK/Canada/USA/Australia/Sweden/Germany/Italy?i want to mention here that my family will be able to provide me 
maximum 8 lakh BDT. is it enough or not? with this financial condition 
and with this poor CGPA which country will be suitable for me? 

Its better if you apply 2/3 good unversites of US/CAN & AUS and in Europe.
And look for which univ invites you. I think for CS graduates US has
most prospect. But if you dont get any scholarship then you will have 
very less chance to get a scholarship there. And in USA scholarship in
in MS is very rare.
In that case CAN is better and professors give 
scholarships in MS level. You can also move to US from CAN also.

And AUS is also good as that is english spoken country and I am not sure
but so far I know the job situation for UK is not Good.

And for Europe the tuition fee is less or no tuition. But I am not sure about the
job opportunity for CS graduates.

i want to inform you that i have some good projects and 
i also completed some extra projects which were not included in 
the academic syllabus (Such as Finger print identification System,
Hand Written Character Recognition System and so on). will this 
help me anyhow to get any favour? 

Ans: Yes those shuld help you most. Mail to professor with those project
details. Convince the prof. who work in these fields. You should get 
reply for sure. Start mailing. 
Am i eligible to get any job as lecturer in any private university(B grade
or C Grade or lower class university in Bangladesh)? please provide me some 
details information(specially amount of money). 

Ans: I think your GPA may be a prob to get a teaching job. But if 
you can mange some link or lobing then it would be possibe to get 
a teaching job for you.

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