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Last 2 days i got few emails from Junior KUETians. I post the answers via KUETian group so that it will help to others.

rahman vai,
i have joined in the kuetians group recently.i want to do a higher
study in canada.unfortunately i can not afford a scholarship for my
poor i have to do it by bearing all the cost by own.i want to
know about Canadian universities.if u provide me some advices and
which subject i should complete my MS it would be very helpful for me.
Welcome in KUETian group. As you have ability to bear the costs go online to canadian university's
web site and apply directly. As you have to bear all costs so its better to admit the universities out side of Ontario state. Because the tuition fees of Ontario's universities are double from other states. Also if you can earn good result (minimum A- , 80%) then you will get university's scholarships and you can joined with any professor's research team. So take IELTS as soon as possible and search website for admission criteria, tuition fees, background of that universities etc. I don't have idea about the subject of EEE.

Dear brother,
I have completed my graduation on February 2008 from ECE. Now I am very much interested to study in canada. Will you give me some information about the admission process? My CGPA is 3.69. Is it feasible for me to get any scholarship? I have not appeard for IELTS. Is it mendatory?
Take care.

#Answer: Congratulation for your very very good cgpa from KUET!!!!!!!! Yes you are highly capable to admit in any Canadian universities and feasible to get scholarsip . All the informations for admission are exist in universities website. It varies from 1 varsity to another varsity. As you have very good cgpa try to convince any professor. Also you can apply directly for MASc. As you have time its better to take IELTS. No, IELTS is not mandotory for every university. But its better to have IELTS.

my questions are
        1. this CGPA is enough for getting scholarship(my cgpa is 3.52 ECE-2k3)?
        2. if i want to bias a teacher , how can i start ?
            (please write details . it would be nice if you send a format.)
        3 . whats the procedure to select a teacher (some days ago
             knew from my friend that muslim teachers are more effective for
             muslim) , muslim or others?
       4.please give me deatil information, which university need not ILETS(if you
          have) ?
       5. i  read all mail which you sent in KUETians. there you wrote if you   
           have financial support, come canada. my condition is not good but if i   
           try i will manage some money .if i want to read canada without  
           schoolarship ,how much money i need (for full course)?
        6. if i will manage  1year / 1 semester cost , is it possible continue my   
            study to earn money?
1.Yes your cgpa is enough for getting scholarship.
2.I gave a format on last February. If you don't have email me again. Also you can attach your RESUME to the professors.
3.Its a really tough question. Its not always true. My professor is a Muslim but 2 years ago he had 5 Chinese students. But yes most peoples are more or less Nationalist/resist.
4.So far i know Ryerson (my university) and Dalhoisie university(in Canada) don't ask officially for IELTS. Other universities officially ask for IELTS but if any professor will recommend you then you will be accept without IELTS in any universities. But its better to take IELTS to improve ENGLISH personally.
5.Tuition fees and other costs are vary from one university to another. But in average it is approximately $ 20,000(CDN) or BDT 14,00,000 per year.
6.It is quite impossible to earn money and do good result at a time. I don't wanna give advice to do work and study at a time. But if you can earn good result at least A- or more than 80% (its not so tough in Canada) then you will get scholarships.

Good. Luck all Kuetians. Pray for me please.
Best Regards
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