Mimimum grade for higher studies in Canada

Dear Kuetians, its a great pleaser for me that now-a-days a lot of KUETians are hungry after Higher Studies. But to pursue a good scholarship or Funds, the main condition is a good result in undergraduate level. I saw so many  messages and debates about poor grading in this group. So I don't wanna to present this topics anymore. I only wish to change their (KUETian teacher) mentality. May Allah change them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I  wanna to share the minimum grade requirement for a scholarship in Canada. The minimum cgpa is 3.667 (A-) in the scale of 4.33. So for KUETians this value is 3.39 in the scale of 4.00 (I am not sure about all universities). So the students who are very close to cgpa 3.39 try your best to cross this value. But your cgpa is greater than 3.39, it doesn't mean that you will sure about scholarship. For funding from professor, you must have to convince him/her(professor).
Good luck all KUEtians.
Best wishes
Md. Abdur Rahman (ME-2k2)
Department of Mechanical Eng
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B2K3.
Tel: 1-416-979-5000 ext. 4520 (Office)
: 1- 416-361-6017 (Home)

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