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We have completed our graduation in last march. I recently appeared at IELTS exam. now i m looking for some sorts of funding for masters at canada. But i m not sure about the amount . So i wish to have some information from you as u have completed almost a year at canada in masters course.

1. Is it possible to continue study at canada with 50% funding & part time job?  some people told me that weather in canada is extreme so it's difficult. plz, give me your opinion.
2. Another thing is may i get work permit there after completion of masters at canada Or apply for immigration?
3. Is it possible to try for immigration now for stusying at canada at less tuition fees?
4. which one is the next possible semester for getting fund?
  1. I don't think so. As you didn't mention your result, I am not sure about your funds. In North America the tuition fees and other expenses are higher than another countries. Yes the informations that you have about Canadian weather is true. But it doesn't a problem to live here. Because everywhere in Canada(both in indoor and outdoor) there are Heater/AC. But to work is a little bit problem during the winter season. Everyone can work in Summer. But if you will a MASc student and will doing RA (Research Assistant) then your supervisor will not allow you to work. And first 6 months you will not illegible to work in legal way. So try for full fundings. It is my personal opinion. But if anyone can do it thats good.
  2. Yes, if you will working as a Research Assistant then after completing MASc you can apply for both work permit & immigration. Your RA will be counted as a part time work(50% of the total time) experience. Say your course duration was 2 years, so your work experience is 1 year.
  3. To apply for immigration at least 1 year continuous work experience and at least 67 marks are the minimum requirements. So you can't apply now. But if you can earn 1 year experience and other requirements, you can apply from Bangladesh (the only problem is that it takes at least 3 years). For more informations see the following links
  4. All universities take students for Fall (September) semester. So its better to apply now. If you have any problem in Fall semester, then you can start your study in any semester (Fall, winter or Summer/ spring).

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