Transcript Evaluation by World Education Services (WES)

Transcript Evaluation by World Education Services (WES) is required by many US universities for graduate admission. I had to go through this very disgusting procedure of WES evaluation. The website is puzzling and creates a lot of confusions. Moreover, you'll not get any reply from their customer service. However, the process is somewhat as follows:

First, you have to create a account in their website. This is your naming and educational details with info on in which universities you want to send the evaluation report. In order to create an account you have to pay some charge. you can pay this charge from varsityadmission. com

Second, you have to download the form for bangladeshi applicants. Remember that you DONOT need to submit any HSC certificate (Since you have graduated from a 4year graduation university) although it is very confusing to understand this info from their website.

Third, you need to fill out some information in that form (such as name, WES acount number etc) and print the form.

Fourth, you need to go to the controller of exam in KUET and have to take signature of the controller in the photocopy of your transcript and certificates.

Fifth, in front of controller, sill the documents into an official envelop (controller's office has those envelops) and take sign from controller on the envelop.

Sixth, send the envelop to the official address of WES. Use DHL/FedEx for that so that you get a faster delivery.

Seventh, track your delivery ... when your document reaches in its destination, check whether the online status has been updated.

Eighth, WES will again send your documents to the controller office for verifying that whether it is a true copy or not. They probably send an email to the controllers email address. So, when you'll be notified in WES website that is has been sent for verification, call to controller's office to ask whether they have received your document from WES (mention that it may come by email). If they do, politely request to verify the document.

Ninth, as soon as WES gets the verification, it will analyze your transcripts and declare your credit hour and cgpa in US education system. In most cases, the KUETian credit hours get reduced and CGPA gets increased a little bit.

Tenth, When your evaluation is complete, they (WES) will send a copy of your evaluation result to your intended university. Sometimes, WES makes some delay but don't worry, they will eventually do the evaluation.


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