Study in Australia

Nice to see your inspiration to KUET graduates those are looking for higher study in oversees. I much appreciated for your initiatives. But, I would like to make some modifications in your mail regarding study in Australia.

First of all regarding IELTS score, I agree with you most of the Australian Universities has higher IELTS requirements. But, still some Universities are accepting lower IELTS score. In context of getting scholarship, I think it’s a narrow thinking regarding not to approach for scholarship application in Australia by thinking have to get 6.5 in IELTS. In all over the world has high competition for scholarship, so student those are looking for scholarship they have to show their capability by getting higher English score. So, they can get advantage in scholarship competition. As I have got several experiences in scholarship application, we think that we have good marks in our undergraduate so we can get scholarship in overseas. It’s a wrong idea. Most of the overseas University can’t recognise level of the developing countries educational institutions. That’s why when they got application from developing country then first of all they look for English qualification of the student followed by their academic results. I can see lots of rubbish students studying with scholarship from many countries they don’t have good academic results and talent, but they have good score in English. I strongly believe that we have lots of talent, but due to lack of initiatives we are away from lots of opportunities. We just need some sort of initiatives and most important things is that to earn higher English score. I can’t believe those have good result in academic why they are so afraid for getting higher English score!!!!!!!. I can see several mails from Rony(CSE 98), he is straggling to give the prove of our educational standard. This is the fact. You see when someone asking to show our educational standard, we are unable to do that. So, how can overseas good Universities judge us based on academic result, especially those are looking for scholarship. That’s why when overseas good Universities see that student have good English score and at the same time they have well academic result then they don’t feel any hesitation to recognise as a good student from a good university. One of the good examples is myself, when I applied for PhD in USA, Canada and Australia, at that time I got a offer from Uni of Arizona, Uni of Washington, Uni of Nevada Los Vegas, Penn State Uni in USA, Uni of Western Ontario in Canada, and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. But, Universities from USA asked me to submit minimum GRE score. At that time I felt laze to appear GRE test and decided to come in Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. Look, at that time if I had GRE score then I could get lots of opportunity. Just for English or GRE score we are getting off from lots of opportunity and from other countries student getting opportunity for their English score. So, why we should think about this such a narrow point? I strongly believe that once you will have good English score along with good academic results then you will have big amount of opportunities.                   

Regarding scholarship format in Australia, they have lots of scholarship opportunity, but we don’t know that. In four English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, UK, and Australia they are doing educational business. They like to see student as a self-finance. Study in all four English speaking countries need to pay high tuition fees, but I think more or less they are similar. As far I have experience with USA, UK and Australia, I think in Australia has lots of opportunity to work while studying, getting visa and future compare with others. If you have scholarship then you can still work for 20 hrs per week in Australia. In 2007 Australian govt. has given 330 IPRS scholarship. If someone interested they can contact with me, I can help them for application procedure. Here I have given some scholarship links:

At the same time students can see others great scholarships in Europe, I have given the link below:

Regarding living standard in Australia, I think the idea is not like that. In context of weather, Australia has one of the great living weather in the world, not so cold and not so worm. In compare with earning, Melbourne is one of the living standard cities. Lots of higher qualified people are migrating in Australia(including our previous KUET faculty member). You may know about one of our generous Dr. Kabir Patwary, recently he moved in Melbourne with family. Picklo sir is also here from few years before and Harun Bhai(lecturer KUET, he was 93 batch), he is coming this month. You may also know about Dr.L.R.Khan(prof in ME dept during engineering college), he is working in my Faculty(Victoria Uni).

Regarding racism in Australia, I think you may face racism more or less in all over the world. I have experience in Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Australia. In compare with all I think in Australia you can face less racism problem. I can give you a good example is that so many Universities in Australia has prayer room for Muslim to do their prayer during the class period. Specially, I know in Victoria University and RIMT.

So, we should encourage our KUET graduates to take the opportunity from all over the world. We shouldn’t advise them to concentrate in one region. It will create greater opportunity for our graduates. I much appreciated such an initiative for our KUET graduates in once again.




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