Study Abroad (North America, Europe, Australia) Informations

Regarding the requirements of TOEFL/GRE/IELTS and
CGPA for higher study. I try to put the information in a nutshell:

1. For commonwealth country (Canada, Australia) IELTS is mandatory. The
lowest score is usually 6.5 (band). The higher the score, the better
chance you have.

2. For USA and Europe the TOEFL is mandatory. The minimum score is
usually 215.

3. For USA only you need a good score in GRE.

4. The minimum CGPA requirements is 65% usually. But often students with
more CGPA then this could not get the fund. It depends on the relative
quality of the applciations a university gets and sometime interest of
the professor.

5. If you have any CGPA over 3.50 with a IELTS/TOEFL/GRE score, you are
a good candidate for funding in many world famous university.

6. Any publication/research work/involvment of research
project/professional experience can be an added qualification to boost
up your application.

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