Some tips for higher study in abroad

I am giving you all some idea. Any other may have another best suggestion. If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact.(Make your profile with information and add a CV in this group then if we get any news of opportunity we may announce)
You should follow the following steps:
  1. Choose the country (region it depends on) where you want to study.
  2. Find out the   universities website of that country .
  3. Check your department  exist or not.
  4. If you get find the people (faulty members) as well as admission requirement.
  5. Check the financial opportunity of that university.
  6. Check the research interest of those faculties and sometime check (Does the professor has any project or not) if has then he will give you financial support.
  7. If everything matched then send the application (attached) to the professor and wait for the reply.
  8. After getting the reply you can understand what to do (What he will ask you need to do that)
  9. You must write  a research proposal  (I  attached some of it)
  10. You should be conformed about everything before application.
  11. If everything ok then apply and wait.
  12. You must need 2 or 3 recommendation letters of your teacher. Always try to take from the professors and POSITIVE.
  13. (N.B.:  please scan all of your mark sheets and certificates and make a CV there are many universities in the world so send first application(attached) as many as you can you must get reply.As professors are busy sometimes they don't get time to reply. But don't be frustrated keep hope in your mind and try )
??? Search in Google " M.Sc studentship on ...field...or department.. "

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