Some info regarding Study in Canada

Regarding the study info...

1. Regarding the CGPA, the official minimum limit is 65% marks, but
usually it needs more than 3.50(one alarming matter-->Student from
Private University, who usually gets higher grade now overtake the
student from govt university, due to grade). But lower CGPA then that
still have the chance, depending on other factors.

2. Conference publication have also good value, if they are presented
in international conferences.

3. Those who have lower CGPA, can also came here by self funding. In
big cities of Canada, there are lot of part-time job, from where you
can manage your tution and other expenses. And eventually after 1/2
semsters, you will get some fund from the University.

4. To contact with any potential professors, you need a good resume. I
saw a lot of CV from several students, which are marely look like job
CV. You can get a format of research cv in my home page from

5. Those who have scope should complete the IELTS, it will later also
help during the immigration process, if anybody interested.

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