Project in Java

First of all sorry for late as I came to know about ur query late. First thing is that there is
no short cut of learning enything. With my little knowledge I want to suggest you the following:
*Books-- to collect primarily
1.  Java2
     by H. Schildt
2.  Deitel & Deitel Java
3. Wrox 
Then Comiplers & Editor
Compilers: jdk-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe or above(Windows)[As a bigenner try this]
                jcc(if u do java in Linux) or Jikes [Linux]
1. NotePad[Funny hw can it be ??/its true try this]
2. Kawa
3. Jcreator[this is better for start up]
4. JBuilder
5. Eclipse[Most popular in da world but little bit large try later when you learned all da besics]
Now comes to IDEA[I told all the above thing as I think there is no shorcut]
1.To me latest thing may be GPRS based projects when you are developing networked base projects connecting crores of peoples via PDA/ 2.5G+ Mobiles
2. Can Make some Softwares in Linux Environment
3. You can work on IPTV
4. IVR [relating to voice enabled services]
5. Any thing u can do as you ppls are smarter dan us
Best thing go for Internet for Ideas but have patience as there is no fast way to find the best project for u. Above all always dare to take challenges and it rarely happens dat ppls fails on projects.
Try some bosses on Java--
Badi Vai(98) nw in Malaysia or Humpray Vai[98] nw in Japan
Faruque Vai (2K1)/Tanim Vai(2K1) both earning 20000++
Ripon(2K2) my roommate & Thesis Partner
U can coolect their email & Phone form Group DataBase

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