Nominate "Cox's bazar" and "Sundarban" as Natural 7 wonders

The 7 wonders of this World are already selected. Now its time to select the Natural 7 wonders.

We don't have something like Pyramid or Tazmahal...but this time, we have 2 of our assets..."Cox' s Bazar"  and "Sunderban". Can't we spend few minutes
from our valuable time to nominate these 2 greatest natural site from our own Bangladesh?

At least we can try. Please forward this appeal to
everybody you know. We all can make this happen.

Here's the link

**click on the Nomination link located at the upper left corner and

Sundarbans  : Largest Mangrove forest - Category: Forest Wood

Cox's Bazar  : Longest natural sea beaches - Category: Coastline

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