New rules for immigration in Sweden

I hope you are quite fine and passing really a good time.  You might already know that the Swedish Government proposes new rules for labour immigration to Sweden. The rules will create a more effective and flexible system which will make it easier for people to come to Sweden to work and for companies to recruit labour from outside Europe.
An employer who is not able to meet his or her labour needs through recruitment in Sweden or in other EU/EEA countries or Switzerland will be able to recruit labour from a third country if certain fundamental conditions, such as, for example, terms of employment, are fulfilled. It will also be easier to come to Sweden to attend a job interview. Permit periods will be longer and it will be possible for visiting students and some asylum seekers to remain in the country and apply for permits from inside Sweden. It is proposed that the new laws and regulations enter into force on 15 December 2008.

Under the new simplified rules for visiting students who whish to stay on and work in Sweden at the completion of their studies The Government proposes that visiting students who have completed studies corresponding to 30 higher education credits or who have completed one term of research education at institutions of higher education will be allowed to apply for work and residence permits without having to first leave Sweden.

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