MIT Technology Review: 10 Emerging Technologies

MIT Technology Review has complied its annual best guess as to the 10 technologies that will be important over the coming years:

  • Modeling Surprise. Surprise modeling combines data mining and machine learning to help people do a better job of anticipating and coping with unusual events.

  • Probabilistic Chips. Probabilistic Complementary Metal-Oxide Semi­conductor Technology (PCMOS) is a microchip design technology that trades off accuracy in computation for energy savings.

  • NanoRadio. At the core of the nanoradio is a single molecule that can receive radio signals. Nanoradios, built from nanotubes, could improve everything from cell phones to medical diagnostics.

  • Wireless Power. Wireless power technology transmits electricity to devices without cables.

  • Atomic Magnetometers. Miniaturized atomic magnetometers the size of a grain of rice require little power, are sensitive to very weak magnetic fields, and could lead to portable MRI machines, among other applications.

  • Offline Web Applications. Offline web applications, developed using web technologies such as HTML and Flash, can take advantage of the resources of a user's computer as well as those of the Internet.

  • Graphene Transistors. Transistors based on graphene, a carbon material one atom thick, could lead to fast, compact microprocessors.

  • Connectomics. Connectomics is about mapping all synaptic connections between neurons in the mammalian brain.

  • Reality Mining. Reality mining applies data-mining algorithms to information collected by cell-phone sensors that can measure location, physical activity, and more.

  • Cellulolytic Enzymes. Cellulolytic enzymes break down the cellulose found in biomass so it can be used as a feedstock for biofuels

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