Microcontroller Based Systems

Its the high tym 4 Embedded Systems. Everything going 2
Microcontroller based systems rather PC or microprocessor based
system. It has a high demand in BD and outside the Country. Anyone can
earn lacks of taka easily with Microcontroller based Systems
Development. In KUET we attended a workshop on Microcontoller
presented by a guy who is simply a diploma Engineer later completed
his B.Sc. in DUET now earns cores of money in BD!!! his company name
is Engineering Complex. You probably know the Pre-paid meter of BUET
IICT and one inventor started Microcontroller based firm in BD, his
Name is Abdullah Al Mamun, Company name is 2RA Technology, Contact:
01713062604 or 0152416103. He is master in Microcontroller. You can
also contact one my BUET friend who worked at IICT BUET as Research
Assistant on Microcontroller based system. His name is Mustafa & now
in GP (Private Phone: +88 017 13 0682 33/Work Phone: +88 017 11 0804
99). In kuet talk 2 Hashem sir(01714003949). You probably know Didarul
Alam, inventor of Quick Radio now doing IC Design in BD. He is the
richest man so far I know in TECH Arena in BD in his early age(Did his
MS from USA). So keep going with Embedded systems & Mcrocontorller.

Now Online Resource:
Download Books 4m here

One more thing jz learn as much basics u can then develop a system(It
will cost u very little money for a small MC based project).Best luck.

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