Lerning English--some point

When I was a student of BIT in first semester, I saw the fear of English in almost all of my friends. During the study, they somehow improve their writing skill, but speaking and listening skill remains almost the same. Due to poor education mechanism (except those applied in English Medium school now-a-days), student of Bangladesh usually have fear to talk in English. During the course of higher study when they seat for TOEFL/IELTS/GRE, they still carry on the problem. And when they are in an international environment...they real problem arises.

To overcome this fear, all should give emphasis during the undergraduate study. There is only two ways to learn english---> Increase your word stock and speak in English. In many learning system you will find they put emphasis on grammar...don't go that way. Learn new words daily and practice English conversation with your friends, room mates etc. Dont shy to continue conversations. I remembered before I got admitted in BIT Khulna (after HSC exam), me and one of my friend talk daily in english, we describe what we do all day to each other, without thinking of grammer. If we stuck in any word, which we did not know the english, we said the word in Bangla and continue our talking. This thing help a lot in my future life. Once you can able to talk fluently in english...the writing and listing part will be very easy for you.

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