How to draw attention of Microsoft, Oracle and other Giants

Dear members (specially juniors)

A student of KU 97 batch got a job at Oracle. But there was neither any circulation nor he applied for it. Oracle contacted with him itself! How? Simply put, Oracle was amazed to see an article of that friend of my elder brother.

I am suggesting you something in this mail. Just keep it on. This MAY someday draw an attention of these giant companies and they MAY call you. Then why not giving it a chance?

1. Try to publish on Wikipedia. This is one of the places where giant companies search for people on Technical Writing. (
2. Try to upload something new in various code related blogs. This is the prime place where MS and Oracle search for programmers and system engineers. ( ,
3. Try to publish some articles on sites like - this can draw attention of W3Schools itself and they can hire you for writing on behalf of them- salary? Well, you can quite the job in Ericsson.
4. Upload your project work at various sites that facilitate project hosting and make sure in your electronic CV you provide the link ( , , , , )
5. Try to be in touch and in posting in various well-known discussion forums. This is the less productive option for you to draw attention of giants but still there is a chance if you really can post something magical (, , and so on)
6. and finally, if you have a personal blog or personal website, why not starting web tutorials or books on a particular subject? Because Bill Gates himself likes to read web-based books, specially by non-professional writers because he gets bored on writing of professional writers!!

and see- you are drawing attention of giants with only 3 things- your pc, an internet connection and writing/coding ability! No CV dropping, passport sized photographs or references- you are referencing yourself, gorgeous, isn't it?

Rushdi Shams
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology


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