GRE math

Do not forget to practice from Try to finish all the tests within the set time bound. Again these days math are pretty tougher than the problems you would see in Barrons+Kaplan+PowerPrep+Nova. Big Books are old enough to rely but worth practicing couple of tests from there.

I would recommend looking into the Test Magic forum.

People from all over the world discuss math problems and solves here. Give a shot. You might find some user designed hard math tests here.

I would practice some big lengthy questions as I found questions more lengthy , even 10-15 lines to interpret. You would sometimes need more than a minute just to understand the problem. Practice those lengthy questions for time management. The more fast you are the smart you are, only if you solve correctly. :) So timing and accuracy both goes hand in hand.

Try to download *GRE Cambridge Software*. Best Software to practice real GRE type lengthy and some hard questions. Again you can use
"Official GMAT" book for some big and hard questions. [This book is also very good for practicing verbal passages]

I would practice like this:

Preparation Part 1:
1) Barrons Math (Not the last 5 tests) - for complete idea
2) Nova GRE (Skip some very easy parts)
3) Few tests from Big Book (Do not forget to read the instructions at the beginning[before the tests start] of the book for "Quantitative" part)

** DO learn a lot from basic statistics(bayes theorem,etc), geometry(even ellipses, parabola,etc ), permutations, combination, etc from HSC books, if possible from O/A level math books. No available GRE books discuss about hard stat, geom, per/com problems but you would find a lot of those in your real exam.

Preparation Part 2:
4) Test Magic Math forum every day to be updated (most helpful to understand real GRE type questions)
5) Official GMAT (for lengthy questions/tricky)
6) Kaplan - for tricks

7) (download 5 tests)
8) PowerPrep Software (it is not only two tests. you would find some new questions every time you open a new test)
9) 5 last tests from Barrons
10) [real tricky GRE questions]
11) Cambridge GRE Software (For lengthy and real GRE type questions)

It seems like lot of work. But it is worth practicing. If you do not practice more and more you would run out time or stuck with few problems just for not knowing the formula/tricks

It would not take more than a month to practice math. Good luck.

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