Experience sharing abt USA on higher study(how to enrollment,concern

I know a guy who is in UTEXAS for higher study in USA……..I have disturbed several times about my queries(Jana ojana onek kisu).He has answered me in several consequent mails. I am forwarding this to you as for convenience.

This mail is too long. Please read it with patience……………..

1)   LOW GPA: 3.5 to under 3.0…
I am not saying 3.5 is low and above 3.5 is high. That is a relative matter .But the lower is your GPA the more stringent requirement to do good in GRE. Khayee na kheyee poro…  As I said, if have a low GPA and say 700v and 780q in GRE, you are definitely going to convince some one of the 1000 uni in US. GRE is more reliable to many of the USA institute than GPA, Because for professor it is hard to compare between the uni and how easy to get a 4.0 GPA in that uni. So 4.0 is obviously good. But if u have a good GRE, they know that u r good in Basic, May be ur uni is tough or u had some accident. This happens a lot in US.

So again, Yes GRE is ur only chance.

2)Funding ,Funding: Recession in US, money matters after all: 

a. Its true about economic recession. But that is something probabilistic assumption. People still gets fund. But its limited for foreign student. Do not give up hope. My advice get over here somehow.

b. Let me share a story, I know one Indian guy..( it is a usual scenario) who doesnt have very well to do condition. Although requirement for International student  to register for 3 course he registered for 2 course stating that he had difficulties adjusting the culture hence need a less study load. u can do that.rest of the time he worked for cash at some indian store and do good in two courses ( gpa 4, not that tough ver here) and keep bothering professors. So somehow I dont know partially or fully or by getting some loan here and there...he survived the 1st semester and from the next semester he got fund. Professor has limited fund and they dont want to risk their money on the person who they dont know very well. The more the professor know you...( Even by bothering now and then, it used to much easier to get fund from the 2nd semester )

And thts also my case....

c. You can take a loan from a US bank if you have some one known who can co sign for you in the loan paper...basically if you default the loan he hast to pay it... and the loan instalment payment will start after 6 months of your passing.

d.Well if you do not want to take risk....and secure the loan at first attempt....try to call the professor, if they didnt pick up the phone... left a  message, stating that you correspond with him before, and you are really interested, and ask him for how much assurance he can give...well before calling write down what do u want to say. And its better to send him an email first stating that you want to call him and what would be good time to reach him. And do attach a picture of you as gmail or yahoo mail have option..AS you know 100s of student do the samething and professor can hardly remember you.....give them some hard time nagging them...

e. If you already gave GRE Can you do better?

 I donot know your GRE score...but if you think you can do better if you give some extra effort...do it....and  try better uni then... like (IVY league)... it will be easier to get a job after graduation.. ...just by the name and their rich alumni network..... and DO DO apply and get admission in different uni.....because u went to some uni  and may be not have fund on the 2nd sem  or u get better opportunity at other..and that time u need to transfer from uni to other...and in that case u need admission 1st to transfer ( but thats a year long process, but you do not have time) so those are some alternatives. ..

f. Even you do not get fund at X uni but get it to other  lower reputed uni...get there..u can always get transfer to X uni if u secure fund later over there.. as u already have admission.

g. IMPORTANT... get a JAVA certification or .Net certification. ..or Oracle certification. .or cisco network. in the time between..... ... After  Masters most of the time you just wanna do job....but 1st you have to get a job ...its easier to get a job in those field....... ..for a international student..... ....and at that time job means visa....and staying in US....
DO those....just look for job at indeed.com say at any place newyork.... you will see most of the job are IT....
and if you want to switch...you can always switch later....to CE or EE or ME...

h. Do not forget to look for part time job in on campus directory... ..

In conclusion.. .right now pursue those professors.. .birokto koro..jalayee maro...tomer chobi tag ala email pathao..phone koro....jontrona dao...ora raag koree tomer fund bondo korbe na....tumi kharap kisu korso na.....but obossoi bhdro bhabhe jalabe... bar bar reminder pathabe...professor ekhon likhlo tar ektu porei bhule jabe....If you can do better in GRE... do it in the mean time...it will be handy during your Phd  or funding if you planning to do so...neverthless it will improve ur english... that always ver very important



yes that is your target... you doesnt need more than 3 months to be near that score...if you planned well and follow it...and as I said give your self 1 week to plan... then depending on plan do register for a date within 2 , 3 or 4 month...If you think if you may do bad again and wanted a 2nd chance tailor your plan accordingly. ...

Just now only GRE....and DO read that forum I have posted.... you will get the idea how attack the GRE...
So for now just think of it...and about sending score to uni...research that just 15 days before your test...dont even think of it before that....only GRE ....see atleast whether you are good in one of it or not...for urself

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