Categories of Student Exchange In Japan

About Short-term Study & Student Exchange Programs:

Short-term study refers primarily to studying abroad while still enrolled at a
university in one's home country on the basis of inter-university exchange
agreements. The objective is not necessarily to obtain a degree but rather
acquire a foreign language, experience a foreign culture or study at a
etc. in a foreign country or region. The student receives education for a
semester or several semesters within an academic year, acquiring credits or
receives research guidance. Classes are carried out in the language of the
country where the educational facility is located or in a foreign language.

Student exchange refers to a university dispatching a foreign student to another
university with which it has an inter-university exchange agreement and
having the other university accept the student.

Credit acquired at the university where the exchange student is studying is
generally calculated into the credits earned at the university where the
exchange student is originally enrolled. Depending on the number of credits
earned, it becomes possible for the student to graduate from the university
where he/she is originally enrolled when the standard number of years necessary
for acquiring a degree is reached. Tuition is ordinarily paid to the
university where the exchange student is originally enrolled. However, there is
a need to confirm how tuition should be paid while abroad as an exchange
student or how credits are handled as they may differ from university to

Procedures for Becoming an Exchange Student:

Almost all Japanese universities have an inter-university exchange agreement
with a foreign university. Students desiring to become an exchange student
at a Japanese university need to select a university from among the Japanese
universities with which his/her university has an inter-university exchange
agreement. S/he then makes an application for student exchange with the
university in which s/he is enrolled. After going through a screening at his/her
university, an application is then made to the university s/he wants to study at
as an exchange student. This application is made through his/her university.
Going abroad to study as an exchange student becomes possible when agreement is
obtained from the university that s/he has chosen. Please keep in
mind that even if there is an inter-university exchange agreement with the
university, not all credits necessarily become object to exchange.

Thanks and best regards,
Naser [CE-99]
Md. Abunaser Chowdary
PhD Student
Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Gifu University

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