A baby Mobile Robot named "Skim-H" has born in CSE Dept., KUET

Today is the historic day of CSE Dept, KUET. This Dept. has given birth a baby mobile robot named "Skim-H". This is the outcome of 3rd Year 1st Term student project. The students bearing rolls 0407045, 0407050, 0407051 and 0407052 have completed their CSE 3100 project work successfully to produce the mobile robot. The main features of the mobile robot are as follows:

1)      It can be operated in both automatic and voice controlled mode
2)      It also be controlled using mobile phone with DTMF sound.

It has four-wheeled DC motor controlled mobile platform. It has different sensors to sense the environment. A PDA is used as a main engine to control the driving mechanism. It also has both Bluetooth and DTMF systems. It also has some other electronic parts such as microcontroller, decoders etc.

It can move some what autonomously by avoiding obstacles since it is a baby now. It can move depending on the voice command like "move forward", stop etc. It is able to introduce itself using its own voice. It can snap picture and can send it to the mother controlling computer. Since it is a baby now, we hope to make it matured by using AI, machine learning and robotic vision techniques soon.

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