Asian Youth Fellowship

Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh
Address: Plot # 5 & 7 Dutabash Road, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212,
Phone: 880-2-881-0087 Fax: 880-2-882-6737 Email:

Name: Asian Youth Fellowship
Level: Postgraduate
Requirement: Bangladeshi citizen.
Under 35 years of age.
Academic backgrounds: University or college graduates with a
bachelors degree or Masters degree (those who will graduate from a
university or college by the Registration Day of AYF may apply, but
the grants may be CANCELLED if grantees fail to arrive in Kansai on
the starting day of the preparatory course).

Other requirements:
Good proficiency in English is required.
Military men and military civilian employees registered on the
personnel list are excluded.
Applicants should be in good health.
The applicant whose spouse has already won a Japanese Government
scholarship will not be selected as a grantee, and likewise in the
case of a couple applying at the same time.
The applicant who has been awarded a Japanese Government
(Monbukagakusho) scholarship in the past will not be selected as a
grantee unless he/she has had a few years' research or teaching
experience after returning to his/her country.

Facility: Expenses necessary for participation in the official
curriculum (transportation, teaching material, etc.).
Meals during the program (partly in the form of cash allowances) and
a set amount of allowances to cover miscellaneous living expenses.
Accommodation (a single room) at the Institute.
Overseas travel insurance for disease and injury for the duration of
the program.
Round-trip, economy-class airline between the nearest international
airport from the residence and Kansai International Airport (Osaka,
Japan) on the most direct and economical route.
Japanese visa as a trainee.
The above terms of the grant will be effective for the period of the
preparatory course. After completing the AYF Program, grantees will
proceed to Japanese universities as the Japanese Government
(Monbukagakusho) scholarship students. Allowances, accommodations,
and other status are subject to Monbukagakushos regulations.
Apply Procedure: Application submitted (please check the dead line)
in June-November.
Screening of Applicants in February-March.
Determination of Successful Applicants in March.
Coming to Kansai, Japan and Starting Preparatory Course in Middle of
Counseling for the Placement to a Graduate School in Japan (to obtain
the Letter of Acceptance by November) in July-November.
Application for Monbukagakusho Scholarship in September.
Placement to the Graduate School by Monbukagakusho in February.
Selection Procedure: n/a
Special Note: • Any of the fields in Humanities, Social Sciences,
Engineering and Natural Science is acceptable.
Students pursuing study areas that would contribute to his/her
country or region will be given preference.
• Please visit the following site to download Application documents
and other information
• More detailed information on this program is available at the
Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh.

• A grantee will be deprived of his/her participation to the program
in any of the following cases:
a. A false statement has been made on his/her application dossier.
b. He/she violates any article of his/her pledge.
c. He/she has been subject to disciplinary action by the Asian Youth
Fellowship or has no prospect for academic achievement (e.g. failure
to achieve a satisfactory level in the Japanese language).
After finishing the preparatory course, the grantee will be
matriculated into Japanese universities as a Japanese Government
(Monbukagakusho) scholarship grantee. It is therefore recommended
that the applicant should also refer to the guideline to the Japanese
Government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship.

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